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Arc'teryx (stylized ɅRC'TERYX) is a global design company based in North Vancouver, Canada, specializing in technical high-performance apparel, outerwear and equipment.


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TJH says

"After placing my order, the email I got tells me it will take 5-10 days to even ship, then gives no estimated arrival date, just says "express shipping". I emailed their customer service and simply got a response saying "due to the high volume of requests coming in, we are still working on a response to your inquiry". Best to order their products from another company as they don't seem to care much about getting items to you quickly or responding to questions in a timely manner."

Alan says

"My wife bought a pair of your Aerios boots last year from Bergzeit. They were fine during the summer but has soon as the weather changed they have become useless. They are in no way waterproof as claimed. They are just not fit for purpose in the rain or snow. We’ve tried contacting Bergziet but they are not responding. Can you help please. Her friend bought the same pair from Cotswold and has had the same problem but Cotswold gave her a full refund. We would appreciate the same please."

Oleg Planets says

"Law enforcement is excluded from pro program, what a shame."

Laurits D. Hansen says

"More than a month without receiving my products and terrible customer service.

Ordered late November. Product shipped 1. dec. Package disappear in begging of december, i contact UPS whom tells me arcteryx needs to make an official inqury. I then call arcteryx and tell them to open an investigation. Im told they will look into it. I then get an email saying that the package will come the following monday, but nothing arrives. I then call UPS that tells me no investagation has been made, I call arcteryx again whom promisses to look into it. Its not until January they tell me that the package is lost (Which I have been telling them for weeks!) and they will open and investegation.

Will never buy anything from there webshop again as their customers service is complete incompetent and leis to you.

Liked the products but I will not support a company that treat their customers like this.

Customer service case no: 03704315"

Andrew David says

"Worst online experience ever: I ordered an item more than two weeks ago and have yet to receive any shipping confirmation of it. I sent a message to customer service asking about the order - it's been almost a week and radio silence. Seriously? Why do I feel that by the time I get my product, winter is going to be over. Never again, Arc'teryx, never again."

Amy & Lenny Norris says

"Wonderful! Lightweight & warm! Outstanding winter products!"

Ewa Folta-Stogniew says

"the webpage does not allow to create an account when placing an order. Tracking purchase history is thus very difficult especially that one of my previous orders does not show up when I tried to return it. When looking at the order during the return process, there are no prices displayed."

Richard says

"Why will it take 5-10 days to hand off 2 jackets to a shipping partner. Seems very long to me."

Euan Aitchison says

"Great gear, poor service. I spoke with a customer service rep names Lillo, who was incredibly rude and unhelpful. After that experience with Lillo, I’ll look elsewhere for purchases. Who knew a refund would take so long"

david H says

"Very unflexible returns. Cannot do it in a shop, cannot exchange online , must return and buy again. not great for a premium product"

Anonymous says

"Arcteryx is meant to be the best but I’ve been messed around loads with their customer service. I was sent a stained coat and was originally told to wash it before being told the stains were meant to be there. I then ordered and paid for another coat and was told there had been a stocking error so I wouldn’t receive it. It’s a shame as I know most of the time products are really high quality but my experience has not been positive."

Louise says

"Ordered two down coats a little while back for myself and my partner. Initial thoughts were it was a great design and really warm (however it hadn’t been tested in the proper cold yet). After a month or two we realised the zip is very cheap quality and the down feathers come out often and now the fabric has shown to not be good quality and has small rips. Considering how awfully expensive they were, I would not recommend. I bought myself a far warmer designer eco friendly jacket for a fraction of the price of my arc’teryx jacket. Marketing team clearly deserve a bonus."

Shelby says

"No communication
I ordered a hat as a Christmas present. it was 2 weeks later and it still had not arrived, when I checked shipping it said incorrect shipping information. no one had contacted me to get the correct information and then i was told it could not be shipped and i would get a refund. so i have had to re order another product as the hat i originally ordered was conveniently out of stock."

Chris Stobbs says

"Early October I sent my old Beta AR for a warranty repair. Arc'teryx advised that it was not covered by limited warranty but offered me a discount off new purchase - fair enough and I accepted that.

Almost 2 months later and I still don't have a jacket that I can use...first one was returned as colour was nothing like website, they then sent another in the wrong size (ordered L, received S). I finally placed an order quickly as stocks were running low (still are) however have not yet received my refunded discount.

I've got a whole history of calls and emails to customer Service on this - it was always me doing the chasing and no proactive case management, and in many cases not even a reply. Always very polite however lots of promises and little action. I suspect the Europe team (perhaps outsourced?) can't make decisions so defer to HQ leading to an ongoing saga with could have been sorted in the first instance, saving us all a bunch of grief.

As a long-term loyal customer I've been seriously let down. The gear is good, but just hope it doesn't go wrong."


"Tracking order is hassle since login is not obvious on the site. Customer service wait line is very very long. They also have different order system between normal shop and outlet very confusing."

customer says

"Stock availability of the jacket I wanted was poor and although website said it would be available in 2 weeks, a message from customer service advised it was discontinued."

grass says

"The brand is mid quality.
Way over priced.
My first jacket was made in Canada and my new one is made in china so I will not be purchasing again as i don't support companies the make things in china.
Hope this helps."

Jonathan Wan says

"Easy to use. Will be better if direct shipment to more countries."

jon says

"Problems with paypal- do not want account!"

randy p says

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